My 1040 Project

14/03/2021 - How many engines
So, How many engines can one have? er! 3!
I have the engine from the bike and 2 spares. 1 spare is a runner with carbs, the other spare is for spares, it has damage to the casing near the sprocket.

firefox Left is the actual engine that I removed from the bike earlier. I had this running and although it started and ran I think the carbs were blocked as it spluttered a bit. All the gears worked.
I will eventually strip this and replace every bearing and oil seal, make sure it is spotless inside and paint the engine, I was thinking of maybe silver with black barrel, cant decide just yet as I may be painting the frame and would like to engine colour to complement the frame.

firefox Left is the parts engine that I paid £75 for on Ebay. This was dismantled and has damage to the casing near the sprocket. I was hoping to get the shims included but these were not in the engine which was a shame as these are approx. £10 each new. I can use the barrel for the re-bore and maybe the head for tuning and porting. I cant comment about the bottom end of this one yet but on initial inspection it looked clean and the crank turned over ok.
This one is going to be either a use what I can and sell on or strip, inspect, clean and rebuild bottom end, then sell on.

firefox Left is the spare running engine, I paid a total of £275 delivered to my door from South Wales, I was told that it was run to temp and there were no knocking etc. Eventually I will strip this, clean, reassemble etc. and sell on.