Yamaha Thunderace - but all motorcycles are welcome

Thunderace Specs

Bore @ 75.5 mm
Stroke @ 56.0 mm
CC @ 1002 cm3
Camshafts   DOHC
Valves   20
Inlet   12 Valves
Exhaust   8 Valves
BHP Engine   145 (Claimed)
BHP Wheel   135
Torque   78 lb-ft
Comp Ratio   11.5:1
5 speed   Constant Mesh
Front   48mm fully adjustable
Rear   Mono fully adjustable
Weight   220 kg


I have always loved the Yamaha Thunderace, I personally think that this is such an under rated motorbike.

What people forget is that the Thunderace was a stepping stone for Yamaha between the 1000 Exup and the R1.

It also used a modified YZF750R frame.

So the Thunderace sort of has components from all 3 bikes bikes :-).

It has the engine power @ 145bhp
It has the stopping power (Blue Spots)
It has fully adjustable front and rear suspension.

But it also has the weight and is quite a heavy bike when not moving :-(

Please see my 150 BHP at Rear Wheel project Here

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Thunderace History

1996 4SV Black or Red
1997 4SV Black or Blue
1998 4SV Blue or red
1999 4SV Blue
2000 4SV Black or Blue or Red
2001 4SV Black or Blue
2002 4SV Blue or Silver